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Hi! I'm Sarah
I've been making ceramics all my working life, since my apprenticeship in the mid 1970s. I was an apprentice with Adam Dvorski for six months at the Clyro Pottery just outside Hay-on-Wye.
Having learnt the craft and thrown domestic ware I then started making humerous hippo's elephants, cows and much more on my own account.

I started to produce more simplified pieces for the garden; hares, geese, sheep, hens etc. I use Crank mixture, a coarse clay, for the majority of my work. This mixture gives my work it's tactile nature.
The hollow figures are hand-formed using coils with solid additions, coloured oxides are painted on then brushed with water to accentuate certain areas.

The finished piece at the dry stage is then fired in an electric kiln to approximately 1260°C.

The animals when finished are very tactile having a beautiful coarse finish. I now sell the majority of my work from my workshop and showroom in Ross-on-Wye where visitors are always welcome.

A visit is recommended.


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